Sunday, February 21, 2010

A couple awesome things in my room

Figured I'd share a couple silly things from my room that I really like.

Nail Polish/Perfume Shelf from a CD rack

So my boyfriend had previously purchased, cut, sanded, stained, and even partially put together wood for a custom media cabinet. At the time, it would have comfortably held his DVDs, CDs, and video games with room to grow. Then I moved in, and unleashed his unknown addiction to the five dollar DVD bin. He used to only buy movies full price at Best Buy, ha! And thus, our collection grew exponentially. Disheartened by his original project not being able to be the all in one solution for our combined media storage needs, he never finished the project. He was a carpenter at the time he started the project, so he had an appreciation for real wood, so every component was made of quality supplies (a combination of oak and mahogany pieces, I think). He didn't want to throw the pieces away, and I'm a pack rat, so I wouldn't let him, so we've been storing the stuff for a few years now.

Anyway, enough storytime. I was inspired by RCKFELLA's post on craftster ( Though my collection isn't as expansive as hers, I was also in need of a shelf for my nail polish, perfume, and various other beauty supplies, so from one of the many partially built shelves came this:

Long L Brackets (painted pink) are on the bottom, and short L brackets (more like what RCKFELLA used) are on the top. The shelf itself was a bit heavy, being solid wood and all, but with the four brackets, all directly into studs, it's secure.

The shelf is pretty deep (CD width), so I could potentially store much more stuff than what I have in it. This shelf is directly above my vanity, so it is awesome. Someday when the vanity is all organized, maybe its picture will also grace this blog.

Keychain Collection Finally on Display!

I've always collected keychains. If someone offered to get me a souvenir from someplace, it's always what I asked for. If I bought something in a gift shop, a keychain was usually what I got. I've never really had a way to display them, so they've been a long linked mess in a ziploc bag since I was like 12.

Since Ryan surrendered the guest room to me, I've been trying to come up with a way to display them. Hooks and key racks just never seemed to fit what I wanted. Then one day when I was hanging frame pictures, it dawned on me that I could just use nails. Sometimes the simplest things escape you until they're right in front of your face. I didn't need an elaborate shelf or ornamental hooks, I just wanted my keychain collection on display. I'm pretty happy with the results. And yes, I am purposely showing off my pink clock. Awesome dollar store find.

Above the door frame was a perfect place because the space wasn't really useful for anything else. There's another door right next to this one on the adjacent wall, so if my collection grows while I'm living here, it can just crawl along that wall.

Obligatory pics to show off the keychains themselves. From left to right they are: Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, Guernsey Island, Hawaii (which was given to me by my aunt and has a key to her house on it. She's in TX and I'm in NC, so I don't really need that key but so often), London, Meteor Crater, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Tombstone, Winslow, Zion National Park x 3 (I've been there probably a dozen times)

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